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Our history

35 years dedicated to holidaymakers … 

It all began in 1985 when Gustave Groebli saw in this arid land an old field of vines, 5km from the sea, the dream of making it a timeless holiday village: a paradise dedicated to families and friends, for holidays of conviviality, where everything is designed to make life easier for holidaymakers and offer a multitude of activities, entertainment and on-site services.

From the beginning, Gustave Groebli established a real closeness between the team and holidaymakers.

The first brand of caravan rented was called “Dragonner” and that is where La Dragonnière takes its name.


In 1995, Karl, son of Gustave took over, in line with his father’s avant-garde ideas. Many investments are made to meet the demand of holidaymakers. A development that is accompanied by a committed approach and that allows the campsite to obtain the Green Key Label hailing its environmentally-oriented policy. Joining the Sunêlia Group in 2006 offered the Group new opportunities, including the opportunity to benefit from the experience of a group in favour of a solid quality approach.

In 2011, La Dragonnière welcomed its 1st Luxury District and in 2013, it won its 5th star.


Reception Camping Vias


In 2017, Thomas took over the reins of the estate, driven by the same passion as his uncle and his grandfather before him, guided by this common vision of a friendly campsite and always keeping close to its holidaymakers.


La Dragonnière is this story, ours, but also yours, that you tell us each season …

• That of lovers who met here and are now coming back every year with their children.

Grandparents, historical customers, who today transmit their love of camping to their grandchildren.

A story of teenagers, who meet here every summer and walk together the path of adulthood.

Family who are friends with their campsite neighbours and return to the same pitch each summer.

The story of Denis and Isabelle, restaurateurs in the North of France, loyal customers coming on holiday every summer with their daughter, and who have now been in charge of the restaurant La Terrasse for many years.

• Also the story of those customers who return, having stayed elsewhere, seduced by the new services of a campsite in constant innovation.


It is after 35 years of passion that the Domaine de la Dragonnière is entrusted in 2021 to its new guide: the Sandaya Group. Equally passionate, Sandaya will be able to ensure the continuity of the mission, that of always satisfying you more and more, and will guarantee the Dragonnière a future worthy of you…



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