Concerned about the protection of your privacy, Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière, registered under the number 84B79 RCS Béziers (hereinafter “we”), attaches great importance to the protection of your Personal Data, and is committed to ensure the highest level of protection and carefully monitors compliance with the provisions relating to your privacy and the processing of personal data.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Charter”) is to describe how and when we collect, use and disclose certain Personal Data (hereinafter the “Data”) which you send to us or which we collect to serve your needs but also to optimize and improve the quality of the services we offer.

This charter is therefore important for you, as you want to have a positive and safe experience of our services, and for us, as we wish to respond accurately and completely to your questions about your visit to our websites and take into account your wishes.


To deliver our service, we collect Personal Data. This Charter informs you about how we collect, process and use your Data when:

  • You book a stay at Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière;

  • You visit our website (hereinafter the “Site”);

  • You subscribe to our newsletter;

  • You contact us;

  • You participate in our quizzes.


The information you provide us directly

  • To create and modify the Data of your customer account

  • To book a stay

  • To contact us (contact request, price or brochure)

  • To contact our customer service

  • To participate in a quiz

This information may for example contain:

  • Your civil status,

  • Name(s) and surname(s)

  • Your postal address

  • Your email

  • Your phone number

  • Your fax number

  • Your date of birth

  • Your gender

  • Your booking history

  • Your payment methods

The same applies to all the information you provide us about the people for whom you book a stay. You agree here to obtain their prior consent to communicate their Data.

You can choose not to give us certain information; however, this decision may deprive you of some of the services and features we offer. The information essential to the provision of our services and features is identified by an asterisk on our collection forms and set out by phone or at reception.

Data collected automatically.

When browsing the Site, we may collect Data relating to:

  • The characteristics of the operating system, browser or devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) which you are using to access our services;

  • Your location such as your IP address;

  • Your browsing and your interactions with the content of the Site, such as the pages visited, the searched keywords, the frequency of your visits to the Site, etc.



A Cookie is a small filing system text saved by the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone which allows to store user data for easy navigation and allow operation of certain features of our website.

Cookies allow us to store information about your browsing history. They help us understand your behaviour and interactions with the site, allowing us to implement changes to make your experience and navigation on the site more fluid and intuitive.

Some cookies are essential for the use of our media, others allow us to optimize and personalize the displayed content, and others enhance the display advertisements.

Cookies do not identify a user directly but identify a browser or device.


When you connect to our Site, we may install three types of Cookies:

Technical cookies.

Objective: allow you to navigate on the site, ensure the security of the site and allow you to access the various features and services of the site.

Analytic cookies:

Objective: to make statistics of visits, navigation and interactions with the site.

Advertising Cookies

Objective: to offer advertisements adapted to your profile and your interests in third party sites.


You can set your browser to change your consent or to indicate that you are refusing to install Cookies. You can either accept all Cookies, or be notified when a Cookie is placed, or refuse all Cookies. If you refuse all or part of the Cookies, some features of the Site may be compromised or some pages inaccessible.

How to disable them?

You can decide at any time to disable one or more Cookies in order to stop tracking. To personalise the configuration in your browser:

Google Chrome®

To delete Cookies already installed:

Click menu on the toolbar and select Settings and then Show advanced settings. In Privacy, click Content Settings. In Cookies, select Cookies and Site Data. To delete all cookies, click Delete all.

To refuse the installation of new Cookies:

Click menu on the toolbar and select Settings and then Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click “Content Settings”. In Cookies, choose the desired level of protection.

Mozilla Firefox®

To delete Cookies already installed:

At the top of your browser window, click Tools, then Options, and select Privacy. In History, select Clear history and check Cookies and clear now.

To refuse the installation of new Cookies:

At the top of your browser window, click Tools, then Options, and select Privacy. In Cookies and Site Data, click Exceptions … and specify the URLs concerned.

Internet Explorer®

To delete Cookies already installed:

Click Tools and select Internet Options. Select Browsing History, and under Settings, click View filing systems. Delete filing systems

To refuse the installation of new Cookies:

Click Tools and select Internet Options. Select Privacy, then Settings and move the slider to get the desired level of protection.


To delete Cookies already installed:

In your browser, click on the Safari menu and select Reset Safari. Then select Empty Cache and Delete All Cookies.

To refuse the installation of new cookies:

In your browser, choose the Preferences menu and, in the Privacy pane, choose to block Cookies.


The collected Data are used, in function of your navigation on our site for:

  • Client account management

  • Shopping cart management

  • Management of payment transactions

  • Customer Relationship Management (phone / chat / email)

  • Management of your requests (contact, brochure sending, price request, …)

  • Management of your stay

  • Sending targeted commercial offers by email, mobile notifications, social networks, other websites or any other support

  • Customer satisfaction management

  • Statistics, analysis, selection and customer segmentation operations to improve customer knowledge

  • Statistics about site visits (mobile and computer) and mobile applications

  • Set up of quizzes and advertising


Navigation data is collected by means of Cookies. For more information about these Cookies, please see article 3.

Execution of the concluded contracts

We use your Data to allow the management of your reservation and the execution of the various services resulting from it.

Your Data will be used to collect your payments, inform you by SMS, email or any other means of communication on the terms of execution of the contract which binds us (information on your stay, proposal for additional services, etc.).

Provides you access to the Site and certain services

The communicated Data allow us to identify you in order to access your Customer Area whose access is restricted to authenticated persons.

Send you updates and personalized content

If, at the time of booking a stay, creating your account on the Site or a request for contact, you indicated that you wish to receive information (information, news and promotional offers) and personalized content, then we may use your Data to communicate with you.

You may, at any time, object to our commercial communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link or following the opposition procedure indicated on these communications, or by contacting us as described in Article 8 below.

We may also use your Data to send you advertising messages which may be of interest to you on third-party sites or social media platforms. For further information on this subject, we invite you to read the conditions relating to direct use of your Data on these sites and / or platforms of third parties.

For profiling purposes

We may as well process your Data as part of profiling operations.

Profiling consists of automated data processing operations designed to analyse, anticipate and evaluate your interests and preferences in order to send you personalized content and commercial offers tailored to your specific needs.

Optimize the Site and our services

We use your Data to conduct studies and technical tests which allow us to improve and optimize the Site and to customize our tools and services. For example, it will enable us to ensure that the display of our various contents is adapted to the device you are using.

Process your complaints

When you contact our customer service by telephone, via the contact form available on the Site or by any other means available to you (social networks, chat, etc.), we use your Data to:

  • Answer you and provide a solution to your complaint;

  • Insure and manage the follow-up of your complaint;

  • Improving customer service

For the purposes of internal statistics and surveys

We may use your Data to perform various statistical studies and / or solicit you to participate in our own surveys.

Ensuring legal compliance and court decisions

Your Data can be used to:

  • Respond to a request from an administrative or judicial authority, a representative of the law, an auxiliary of justice or to comply with a court decision;

  • Ensure compliance with our general conditions of sale and the Charter;

  • Protect our rights and / or obtain compensation for any damage we may suffer or limit its consequences;

  • Prevent any act contrary to the laws in force, particularly in the context of the prevention of fraud risks.

Manage your participation in the quizzes

When you participate in a quiz, you provide us with a certain amount of Data. They are essential to manage your participation, and if necessary, the delivery of your price.

In addition, with your prior consent, we may use this Data to send you information (news, news and promotional offers) and personalized content.


In general, your Data is kept only for the time necessary to complete the operations for which it was collected.

Here are the different storage time frames of the data collected:

  • The Data which has been sent to us directly as detailed in Article 2 shall be kept for the period necessary for the purpose of their processing;

  • Navigation Data is stored for a maximum of 13 months;

  • Prospect Data is stored for a maximum of 3 years from the last contact you initiated;

  • Data relating to identity documents which you provided us when you exercise your right of access or correction are kept for a maximum period of 12 months;

  • The information taking into account the rights of objection of the individual concerned to receive commercial prospecting is stored for a maximum period of 3 years from the exercise of this right.

We may also delete your Data on your request.

However, at the end of the aforementioned deadlines, including executing your request for removal, your Data may be stored to meet our legal, accounting and tax obligations (for example obligation to keep bills for 10 years in accordance with Article L.123-22 of the French Commercial Code) and / or during the applicable limitation period and / or in the event of contentious proceedings for the duration of said proceedings.


We take every precaution to maintain the security and confidentiality of the Data, and in particular to prevent them from being distorted, damaged, or unauthorized third parties having access to them.
In accordance with the 2016/679 regulation of April 27, 2016, our processors undertake to implement the organizational and technical measures for the security and confidentiality of your Data.


Pursuant to Articles 14 to 22 of Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, any natural person using the service has the opportunity to exercise the following rights:

  • Access rights

  • Right to modification

  • A right of opposition and removal regarding processing of his data

  • A right to oppose profiling

  • Right to restrict processing

  • A right to transfer of its data.


To exercise all these rights, you must send a letter via mail to the following address: Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière, Departmental Road 612, 34450 Vias, enclosing with your request a copy of your identity document.

If you feel that your rights have not been respected, you have the option to make a complaint to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière whose postal address is: Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière , DPO, Departmental Road 612, 34450 Vias or via email


In accordance with applicable legislation, we rely on various legal frameworks to process your data, and in particular to:

  • Execution of contract

  • Execution of legal obligation (ex: storing of invoices)

  • Where this is in our legitimate interest

  • Where you have given your consent

A “legitimate interest” should not be against the rights and freedoms of users.

Examples of legitimate interests mentioned in the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations, include fraud prevention, direct marketing and data sharing within a group of companies.

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