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Sunêlia’s free app means you can manage and enjoy your holiday from A to Z!

Sunêlia’s free app for your holiday at the Domaine de la Dragonnière campsite

Keep up to date before, during and after your stay

Install this app on your smartphone to organise your stay by viewing all the useful info about the Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière campsite before arriving, get real-time info on all activities and entertainment during your holiday, and keep up to date with all the new things happening at your favourite campsite after you get home!

This interface enables you to receive important notifications and view pool and shop opening times and restaurant menus.
Don’t waste a second: log onto the Sunêlia app at any time!

It’s a piece of cake to prepare your stay at the Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière!

  • A check-list to help you pack your suitcase.
    Perfect for ensuring you don’t forget anything!
  • All practical info about your booking at your fingertips: times, schedules, and things to see and do during your stay
  • Find out about all the latest services and offers
  • Tell reception what time you are arriving and make settling in easier

You’ve arrived: now all you need to do is enjoy yourself!

  • Simply click to add an extra service to your stay: hotel package, half-board, etc.
  • The Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière campsite staff can give you advice and tips based on their experience
  • Enjoy special offers when you go out!
  • Share your experiences with the Sunêlia community
  • See the activity schedule in real time

And continue to dream after your stay…

  • Keep in touch with the Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière campsite
  • Discover other sites in the Sunêlia network
  • Yield to the temptation of another stay…

Download your holiday app now!



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